When TT Logistics (Australasia) was contracted to coordinate the tyre and wheel assembly for their customer they were given the following parameters. The physical warehouse needed to be within seven minutes of the customers’ assembly plant in Laverton North, Victoria, and the warehouse required a physical capacity to store 50,000 tyres at any given time.

MrUmitNedim, Director, TT Logistics (Australasia) located a warehouse that met the first parameter, but the second one was causing them many concerns.

“The upside of the facility we selected is that it’s physically within close range of our customers’ assembly plant; which is critical as our tyre assembly is sequenced in to the production schedule of the assembly line,” MrNedim said.

“When we selected the site though we were unable to resolve in our minds how we would be capable of storing 50,000 tyres in a 3,000 square metre site. Our previous site was double the size and our assembly and storage was all achieved manually,” he said.

According to MrNedim, when they commenced this project there were no drive-in satellite systems available in Australia and after extensive research a quality satellite system was located in a warehouse in Thailand. trucking companies

After travelling to Thailand to see the drive-in satellite system for themselves, the TT Logistics team knew that due to its high-density storage capacity the SDI system was the ideal solution to store 50,000 tyres in a 3,000 square metre site and reduce the manual handling of the tyres.

“We selected the Schaefer Drive-In System (SDI) because we knew that it not only solved the high density storage issues we had in our facility, but it was also backed up by the SSI Schaefer quality and service that was extremely important to our business – being the first fully-installed drive-in satellite system in Australia,”

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According to MrNedim, SSI Schaefer’s long-standing distributor in Victoria, Absolute Storage Solutions, managed the project and the installation was on-time and to spec.

“The Absolute Storage Solutions team is trustworthy and reliable and understood the restraints of our site. They delivered significant outcomes for TT Logistics and the end-result is a testament to their capabilities,”

“The Satellite Drive-In System is easy-to-use, hassle-free and improves productivity of our operators. The system is designed with a plastic lead in guide that ensures safety of pallet placements especially at higher levels and the forklifts are fitted with automatic levellers so that the forks are aligned to the pallet via a TV. The SDI system is directly linked to the TT Logistics Warehouse Management Systems and the operators know where to drop the tyres in and where to take them out,” he said.

Through SSI Schaefer’s solution TT Logistics can now store and assemble a 50,160 tyre capacity, 20 tyres per pallet with 2508 pallet spaces, 19 lanes wide, 33 pallets deep and 4 pallets high in the SDI.

“TT Logistics has no regrets being the flagship site for the Schaefer Satellite Drive-In System in Australia. What we have achieved at our site has significantly reduced manual handling of tyres and improved productivity and safety of our operators. Without the SDI system we would never have been able to store 50,000 tyres in a 3,000 square metre site.” MrNedim said.

TT Logistics, provides national Logistics service in Australia, Warehouse in Laverton North was established as a showcase facility using state of the art equipment, technology, methods, and working practices to satisfy customers requirements for quality, service and cost competitiveness. These services are provided to Automotive and non automotive customers.

TT Logistics (Australasia) utilises the Kanban and TPS (Toyota Production System) in all aspects of its logistics operation.  The Kanban system allows their customers to pull stock for Just in time delivery and they use the same system to handle inventory for their domestic customers. All products are inspected for shipping damage and obvious deterioration.