What Are Various Types Of Warehouse Systems?

What Are Various Types Of Warehouse Systems?

ระบบ คลังสินค้า (Warehouse System) software plays a critical role in the operations of third-party logistics (3PL) businesses. Unfortunately, selecting the best option is not always straightforward. There are a variety of warehouse management systems to choose from and a plethora of possibilities within all of these categories. To make informed choices, you first must understand the options available, how each differs, and which is ideal for your business.

Types of warehouse systems

Standalone system is a system with local hardware and a local network. That is the cheapest warehouse management solution available. The standalone system, warehousing operations, barcode scanners, slot, put-away, selecting, packaging, shipment, and expiration date monitoring. Small enterprises will benefit from this method.

  • Cloud-based System

This system is a typical SaaS (software as a service) web-based solution. Because it is hosted on a dedicated server, it allows for speedier implementation and tends to minimize IT maintenance based on the company’s specifications. This technique enables users to upgrade software without incurring additional costs.

  • ERP

Many manufacturers offer WMS that is connected with their ERP systems. As a result, the software has established a reputation as one of the best warehouse management systems available. Supply chain management, CRM, finance, management of human resources, and other vital applications are available. This system aids in reducing labor expenses, the growth of warehouse productivity, and the improvement of inventory tracking.

  • Supply chain execution modules

The Supply Chain Management system includes this system as a subclass. It makes the overall supply chain operation run more smoothly.