Buy Table Tennis Balls: A Beginner’s Guide

Buy Table Tennis Balls: A Beginner’s Guide

The Quality

All table tennis balls have a star rating system that is determined by the manufacturer. The three stars, which range from one to three, are the best and only balls users should use for most purposes. These balls are typically sold in packs of three, six, twelve, or bulk. Training balls with one and two stars are less rounded and less long-lasting. When properly cared for, high-quality balls last a long time. You can search the internet for the best sellers to buy table tennis balls.

The Type 

All ITTF events began utilizing Plastic Polystyrene ‘Poly’ balls on July 1, 2014. The new balls have distinct playing characteristics that are strikingly similar to celluloid. They are more eco-friendly and safer to transport. Non-poly balls (celluloid) may still be legal in some tournaments, so it is up to national and regional table tennis governing bodies to decide which type of ball to use in their tournaments.

ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) was introduced as a new type of plastic for table tennis balls in 2017. ABS is more eco-friendly than poly balls and has better roundness and durability.

All plastic balls (ABS/Poly) are categorized as 3-star 40+ Plastic Balls and Training Balls – 40+ plastic. Competition players prefer 40+ plastic balls, whereas everyone else prefers 40mm balls due to their higher sturdiness and lower cost.

You can contact your local sellers to buy table tennis balls.

How To Extend Their Lives?

To get the most out of each ball, keep it away from direct sunlight, excessive heat, and excessive moisture. Also, pick up a ball that falls to the floor so that you and others do not step on them. Most rally drills and practice games should be played with 3-star balls. Good quality practice balls or 3-star bulk parcels can be purchased for multiple-ball drills such as serves and smashes.